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A Dutch Christmas




Music contemporary to Flemish and Dutch artists Pietre Bruegel the Elder and Johannes Vermeer.


Produced in association with The Metropolitan Museum of Art in tandem with the exhibition “The Age of Rembrandt, this is the sixth in a series of holiday compact discs. Once again, Frederick Renz has researched and programmed engaging seasonal music - Cantiones natalitiae (Latin songs) and kerstliedjes (carols) for voices, variations for recorders by Jacob van Eyck and Sweelinck, jaunty dances by Susato and Phalese, as well as rowdy drinken liedeken to ring in the New Year. 


Artists: James Blachly - alto, baritone; David Bryan - tenor; Corey-James Crawford - alto; Scott Dispensa - baritone; Todd Frizzell - tenor; Matthew Hensrud - tenor; Steven Hrycelak - bass; Scott Mello - tenor; Geoffrey Williams - alto, baritone; Rainer Beckmann - recorders; Rachel Begley - recorders; Daphna Mor - recorders; Nina Stern - recorders; Charles Weaver - theorbo, Renaissance lute & guitar; Dongsok Shin - organ

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