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10/30/22 | “The Early Music New York “Mappa Europa 1600-1700” program was, as always, groundbreaking... Frederick Renz is not only the conductor and a founder of Early Music New York, the most eminent permanent ensemble of pre-Bach music. He is an eminent harpsichordist, a sterling conductor of music up through the 18th Century (positively avant-garde to early-music enthusiasts) and, last night, a man who, with minimal conducting fireworks, can unveil deeply-buried musical gems.”

     – Harry Rolnick, ConcertoNet

05/11/22 | “Renz and his troupe are not only superb musicians, but they also have a theatrical flair... Few concerts are as much fun as this one was, made all the more special by the sense of style, impeccable technique and delight which Renz and his troupe of musicians brought to each work they played.”

     – Rick Perdian, Seen and Heard International

05/09/22 | “This splendid group confined themselves to the rare enchanting music animated by the Polish dances [Telemann] inhaled while working for a Polish noble. And no ensemble could have given such delicious Baroque

     – Harry Rolnick, ConcertoNet

03/23/22 | “There is nothing quite like experiencing something done well by those well-poised to do it...New York City can rely on the brilliantly grouped musicians under the devoted direction of Frederick Renz to offer an impeccable concert.”

     – Daniele Sahr, Seen and Heard International

12/24/21 | “...a rich and varied experience, from the ethereal to the boisterous. This combination of ancient chant, golden-age polyphony, and rollicking drinking songs was an ideal holiday gift.”

     – Jack Sullivan, Classical Voice North America

11/28/19 | “Director Renz is a delight to watch, with his passion and his nuanced knowledge of each piece, articulated through his gestures.”

     – Victoria Hofmo, Norwegian American

12/15/18 |“...the results, certainly as showed by Early Music NewYork, were, as a whole, stunning.”

     – Harry Rolnick, ConcertoNET

03/01/18 | “Early Music New York performs 'Haydn in Esterhazy'”

     – Milene Fernandez, Epoch Times

02/28/18 | “This concert, sung with radiant serenity in the slow pieces and a breathless urgency in the faster ones, offered a mini-history of polyphony...”

     – Jack Sullivan, American Record Guide

04/20/17 | “A Chance to Hear Bach Alongside His Contemporaries”

     – Catherine Yang, Epoch Times

10/19/15 | “With its slapstick humor and satirical tone, Jacinto Valledor’s “La Cantada Vida y Muerte del General Malbrú” (1785) seems like a Spanish precursor to Gilbert and Sullivan... Frederick Renz and Early Music New York offered a rare chance to hear the genre...”

     – Vivien Schweitzer, New York Times

05/05/13 | “One thing common to all Early Music New York concerts is the program arrangement, ensuring that
by variety, each work stands out.”

     – David Katz, New York Stringer Magazine

11/01/12 | “The versatility of the musicians was impressive...”

     – Corinna Da Fonseca-Wollheim, New York Times

12/26/11 | “You can count on Frederick Renz and the musicians of his Early Music New York to offer a Christmas program unlike anything else the city’s music world has to offer.”

     – Allan Kozinn, New York Times

12/07/10 | “The choir sang with buoyant pulse, crisp diction and a polished sound...”

     – Vivien Schweitzer, New York Times

12/25/09 | “Early Music New York, now in its thirty-fifth season, was founded by Frederick Renz who, over the years, has served as conductor, producer, director and performer with the group. He has brought his high level of musicological scholarship, in particular his knowledge of the performance practice of early music, to bear on the program. And it showed.”

     – Arlene Judith Klotzko, ConcertoNET

12/23/09 | “Throughout the concert the men sang with clarity, fine intonation and an impressive blend of
voices, with performers adding distinctive touches to various pieces with brief solos.”

     – Vivien Schweitzer, New York Times

03/16/09 | “Vital, beautifully sculptured performances...”

     – Allan Kozinn, New York Times

12/18/07 | “Mr. Renz... invariably assembles engaging, well-researched programs that lift the holiday out of the modern hyper-commercial world.”

     – Allan Kozinn, New York Times

11/07/06 | “Early Music New York played on its home turf, the cathedral, where the vibrant acoustics suit these sounds better. And it presented the more unbuttoned, vernacular (and mostly anonymous) side of Tudor music.”

     – Allan Kozinn, New York Times

11/05/06 | “ of the best Early Music ensembles in the world...”

     – David Katz, New York Stringer Magazine

05/22/06 | “Mr. Renz's ensemble — strings, woodwinds, natural horns and harpsichord — gave all these works spirited, tightly unified and texturally transparent readings.”

     – Allan Kozinn, New York Times

01/31/04 | “Time travel -- the best kind, time travel of the imagination -- came to town on Friday night, when Early Music New York cast its spell for St. Louis Cathedral Concerts.”

     – Judith Newmark, St. Louis Dispatch

12/26/02 | “Packing a world tour into an hour and a quarter, the ensemble offered Baroque music from six countries in small, telling snapshots.”

     – Anne Midgette, New York Times

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