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A Bohemian





Early Polish and Czech polyphony including “Messe de Notre Dame by Guillaume de Machaut.


Medieval motets honoring Bohemia's “Good King Wenceslas (St. Vaclave) and Poland's St. Stansilaus. ‘Carols’ from the time of patriot Jan Hus, early polyphony from the Codex “Specialnik celebrating the Nativity. Plus, the only extant Czech medieval dance, and the “Messe de Notre Dame by Guillaume de Machaut, celebrated French poet/composer and Secretary to the King of Bohemia. Men's voices and instruments.

Artists: Ryland Angel - countertenor; Oliver Brewer - tenor; Joe Damon Chappel - bass; Corey-James Crawford - countertenor; Matthew Hensrud - countertenor; Tam Johnson - tenor; Christa Patton - soprano & alto shawm, bagpipe; Terry Pierce - tenor & bass sackbut; Gregory Purnhagen - baritone; Bruce Rameker - countertenor; David Ronis - tenor; Erik Schmalz - tenor sackbut; Geoffrey Williams - countertenor

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