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Music of Venice




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16th and early 17th-century Venetian instrumental music.


Instrumental music inspired by Venice's San Marco (basilica) in the late 16th & early 17th centuries - festive celebratory works for sackbuts, cornettos, theorbos, Italian double harp, guitar, bagpipes, shawm and a band violins - includes polychoral works by Giovanni Gabrieli and Ludovico Viadana; toccatas and ritornelli by Claudio Monteverdi and Cesare Bendinelli, dances by Giorgio Mainerio, Joan Dalza, Lorenzo Allegri and Gasparo Zanetti; sonatas by Biagio Marini, and Cessario Gussago; canzonas by Tarquinio Merula, Pietro Lappi; and others. The repertoire chosen for this album is of the opulent “Venetian School” with original editions printed in Venice.


Strings: Scott Metcalfe - violin; Marika Holmqvist - violin; Daniel Elyar -viola; Peter Kupfer,- viola; Christine Gummere - violoncello; Jay Elfenbein - viola da brazzo per basso, violone grosso

Winds: Michael Collver - cornetto, trumpet; Kris Ingles - trumpet, cornetto; Gregory Ingles - alto & tenor trombones, trumpet; Erik Schmalz - tenor trombone, trumpet; Mack Ramsey - bass trombone, trumpet; Adam Bregman - tenor & bass trombones; Christa Patton - ciaramella, bagpipes, shawm; Robert Wiemkin - bass dulcian

Continuo: Daniel Swenberg - theorbo, tenor & bass lutes; Charles Weaver - tenor lute, theorbo; Christa Patton - Italian double & Renaissance harp; Dongsok Shin - chamber organ