Performed by Early Music New York - Frederick Renz, Director

Artists: Scott Dispensa - baritone; Todd Frizzell - tenor; Steve Hrycelak - bass; Christopher Layer - flute, fife; Marc Levine - violin; Myron Lutzke - cello; Thomas McCargar - baritone; Scott Mello - tenor; Craig Phillips - bass; Paul Shipper - bass, guitar, percussion; Mark Sullivan - bass-baritone; David Vanderwal - tenor

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Fuguing tunes and patriotic 'musik' by New England's Singing Masters are interspersed with spirited country dances including "The Devil's Dream" and the "Witches Dance." Works by William Billings and contemporaries, sung by the EM/NY men's ensemble, are spiked with country dance tunes played by a boisterous band of flute, violin, bass and guitar. Funded by the National Endowment for the Arts and the Reed Foundation this album is a complement to EM/NY's "Colonial Christmas" CD.

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1.BurlingtonJacob Kimbal, 1761-1826

2.The Power of MusickSupply Belcher, 1751-1836

3.Dampier (Dance Tune)

4.CaledoniaSamuel Babcock, ca 1760-1813

5.Bonny Lassey Take a Man / The Devil in the Bush /
    The Rising Sun (Dance Tunes)

6.LeonminsterJoseph Stone, 1758-1837

7.Down Among the Dead Men / Jackson's Morning [Mourning] /
    The Witches or Turnham Green / Morgan Rattler (Dance Tunes)

8.AndoverSamuel Babcock, ca 1760-1813

9.Soldier's FarewellTimothy Swan, 1758-1842

10.Off With the Mask / York Fusiliers /
     Les Paniers Cotillion / Lads of Dunce (Dance Tunes)
Filippo Azzaiolo, fl.1557-69

11.Down Steers the Bass (Anthem)Daniel Read, 1757-1836

12.Rickett's Hornpipe / Washington Forever /
     Chorus Jig (Dance Tunes)

13.Dissolution IIJacob French, 1754-1817

14.DrydenDaniel Read, 1757-1836

15.Christian's HopeSamuel Babcock, ca. 1760-1813

16.Some Say the Devill is Dead / La Pintièvere Cotillion /
     The Femail Sailor / The Emperor of the Moon (Dance Tunes)

17.InvitationSupply Belcher, 1751-1836

18.OxfordSamuel Holyoke, 1762-1820

19.CobhamWilliam Billings, 1746-1800

20.The Colley Flower Cotillion / Hobson's Choice /
     Miss Macdonald's / Lord Macdonald's Reel (Dance Tunes)

21.Middlebury (Shape-note Hymn)

22.Federal Cotillion / The Negroe /
     The Pantheon / Devil's Dream (Dance Tunes)

23.The Dying Christian's Last Farewell (Anthem)William Billings, 1746-1800

24.Funeral AnthemSupply Belcher, 1751-1836

25.Straun Robertson's Strathspey (Dance Tune)

26.The Promised Land (Shape-Note Hymn)

27.Sweet Affliction (Shape-Note Hymn)

28.The Duchess of Anthol's Strathspey /
     A Trip to Carlisle / Federal Cotillion (Dance Tunes)

29.How Luckless the Fortune

30.The Drum

31.Holy Manna (Shape-Note Hymn)

32.Washington Liberty / The Merry Conclusion (Dance Tunes)