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Colonial Capers CD

Fuguing tunes and patriotic 'musik' by New England's Singing Masters are interspersed with spirited country dances including "The Devil's Dream" and the "Witches Dance." Works by William Billings and contemporaries, sung by the EM/NY men's ensemble, are spiked with country dance tunes played by a boisterous band of flute, violin, bass and guitar. Funded by the National Endowment for the Arts and the Reed Foundation this album is a complement to EM/NY's "Colonial Christmas" CD.



Colonial Capers CD

  • Scott Dispensa - baritone; Todd Frizzell - tenor; Steve Hrycelak - bass; Christopher Layer - flute, fife; Marc Levine - violin; Myron Lutzke - cello; Thomas McCargar - baritone; Scott Mello - tenor; Craig Phillips - bass; Paul Shipper - bass, guitar, percussion; Mark Sullivan - bass-baritone; David Vanderwal - tenor

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