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Meet the Artists

Check back soon for updates including our roster of musicians for Spring 2020.

Click on the images below for more information about our artists.

Joe Chappel cropped_edited.jpg

Joe Damon Chappel - Bass

Tomas Cruz_edited.jpg

Tomas Cruz - Tenor

David Dickey_edited.jpg

David Dickey - Alto

Todd Frizzell_edited_edited.jpg

Todd Frizzell - Tenor

Jared Graveley_edited_edited.jpg

Jared Graveley - Bass

wayne_hankin headshot_edited.jpg

Wayne Hankin - Historical Winds


Daniel Lee - EM/NY Concertmaster, Vielle, Rebec

Jonathan May new headshot_edited.jpg

Jonathan May - Alto

Wilson Nichols_edited.jpg

Wilson Nichols - Tenor

Jason Eck_edited.jpg

Jason Eck - Bass

Damon Hankoff_edited.jpg

Damon Hankoff - Alto

van Oers, Tricia (photo)_edited.jpg

Tricia van Oers - Recorders