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Istanpitta! (Vol. 1) - 14th century Italian instrumental dances from the Visconti Manuscript. (Originally released in 1995 on the Lyrichord Early Music Series label)


  • Wayne Hankin - bagpipes, shawm, flutes; Karen Hansen - rebec, psaltery, pipe; Rosamund Morley - vielle; Patricia Ann Neely - vielle; Christa Patton - flutes, shawms, bagpipe, harp; Paul Shipper - lute, flutes, hand drums; Frederick Renz - clavicytherium, organistrum; Thomas Zajac - shawm, bagpipes, flutes, dulcimer Guest Artist: Glen Velez - frame drums

  • "Wild and wonderful medieval dance music, played by the best medieval dance band on the current scene."

    - Washington Post

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