A Dutch Christmas


Performed by Early Music New York - Frederick Renz, Director

Artists: James Blachly - alto, baritone; David Bryan - tenor; Corey-James Crawford - alto; Scott Dispensa - baritone; Todd Frizzell - tenor; Matthew Hensrud - tenor; Steven Hrycelak - bass; Scott Mello - tenor; Geoffrey Williams - alto, baritone;
Rainer Beckmann - recorders; Rachel Begley - recorders; Daphna Mor - recorders; Nina Stern - recorders; Charles Weaver - theorbo, Renaissance lute & guitar;
Dongsok Shin - organ

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Produced in association with The Metropolitan Museum of Art in tandem with the exhibition "The Age of Rembrandt," this is the sixth in a series of holiday compact discs. Once again, Frederick Renz has researched and programmed engaging seasonal music - Cantiones natalitiae (Latin songs) and kerstliedjes (carols) for voices, variations for recorders by Jacob van Eyck and Sweelinck, jaunty dances by Susato and Phalese, as well as rowdy drinken liedeken to ring in the New Year.

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1.Buvons, ma comereBenedictus Appenzeller, c.1500

2.DanseryeTielman Susato, pub/arr, 1551

3.Nieuwe almanackLupus Hellinc, c.1550

4.Wy comen heir gelopensAnonymous, c.1550


6.Apud DominumAnonymous, c. 1550

7.Quando natus es Anonymous, c. 1550

8.Novum genus potentiaeAnonymous, c. 1550


10.Fit porta Christi pervia, 1604-1629Anonymous

11.Comt met vreucht naer't stalleken, 1679Joannes Berckelaers

12.Puer nobis nascitur, 1649 - variationsJacob van Eyck

13.Ons is gheboren een kindekijn (Puer nobis nascitur)Anonymous

14.Ons is gheboren een kindekijn - variations
Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck, 1562-1621

15.O Herders al soetjens, 1651Incogniti

16.Nato nobis Salvatore, 1648Guilielmus Messaus

17.Een kindeken is ons geboren, 1644Cornelis de Leeuw

18.Een kindeken is ons gebooren - variations, 1649van Eyck

19.Nu zijt wellekomeAnonymous, c.1650

20.In 't stalleken van Bethlehem, 1655Petrus Hurtado

21.O zaligh, heyligh Bethlehem, 1645Goudsmit

22.O heiligh, saligh Bethlehem - variations, 1671Gisbert Steenwick

23.O heiligh, zaligh Bethlehem - variations, 1649van Eyck

24.Cantabant sancti, 1631Herman Hollanders

25.Currite, pastores, 1649Jan Baptist Verrijt

26.Quem vidistis pastores, 1631Hollanders

27."Les Boffons" - variations, 1649van Eyck

28.Fistulis, lyris et organis,1654Philippus van Steelant