A Baroque Christmas

Ex cathedra Records: A Baroque Christmas

Performed by Early Music New York - Frederick Renz, Director
[formerly New York's Ensemble for Early Music]

"variegated adventures of more than historical interest. polish, rusticity and grandeur of spirit. irresistible. can't get enough... I'm addicted..."
New York Times

Artists: Ryland Angel - countertenor; Thom Baker - tenor; Oliver Brewer - tenor; Todd Frizzell - tenor; Gregory Purnhagen - baritone; Mark Sullivan - bass; Grant Herreid - theorbo, lute, guitars, cittern; Patricia Ann Neely - bass viola da gamba; Jennifer Sayre - Italian triple, Spanish cross-strung and Celtic harps; Dongsok Shin - chamber organ

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EMF’s Ex cathedra Records continues its highly popular series of holiday recordings with "A Baroque Christmas." This new CD, produced in association with The Metropolitan Museum of Art, features 17th- century French noels in full flower, Lutheran Advent hymns masterfully crafted into chorale variations by J.S. Bach’s precursors, Spanish villancicos composed in the New World, arias fashioned in the new Italian opera style, as well as Scots airs and English ballad tunes -- over an hour of uniquely engaging baroque holiday repertoire.

A kaleidoscopic panorama of the Old and New World features composers Praetorius, Schein, Scheidt, Charpentier, Delalande, Frescobaldi, Gagliano, Piccinini and Mexican composers Salazar, Vidales, Ximeno and Mucia. Researched and directed by Frederick Renz, this program is specially chosen for performances at The Metropolitan Museum of Art and features the ENSEMBLE for EARLY MUSIC’s six male voices in consort with theorbo, lute, guitars, cittern, Spanish cross-strung, Italian triple and Celtic harp, bass viola da gamba and chamber organ.

Anonymous composers of unique Scots airs and poets of English ballads with seasonal texts, including "The old year now away is fled," set to the popular country dances tune "Greensleeves," enliven this vivid 17th- century Christmas celebration.

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1.All sons of AdamAnonymous Scotch, ca.1666

2.BalulalowAnonymous, Scotch, ca.1660

3.Nou let us singAnonymous, Scotch, ca.1639

4.Les bourgeois de ChâtresMarc-Antoine Charpentier, d.1704/Renz

5.Or, nous dites MarieMichel-Richard Delalande, 1657-1726/Renz

6.Joseph est bien mariéCharpentier/Renz

7.Le triste etat /arr. Renz
   L'Altesse RoyaleJacques Gallot, le Vieux, d.1647

8.Viens vite, laisse ta houletteCharpentier/Renz

9.Vous qui desirez sans finCharpentier/Renz

10.Un ciego que contrabajoAntonio de Salazar, fl.1690

11.Otros CanariesSantiago de Mucia, ca.1720

12.Los que fueren de buen gustoFrancisco de Vidales

13.Nun komm, der Heiden HeilandJohann Herman Schein, pub.1618

14.Verses 2, 3, 4, 5Michael Praetorius, pub.1610

15.Ach mein herzliebes JesuleinSamuel Scheidt, pub.1635

16.Toccata IVAlessandro Piccinini, pub.1621

17.O meraviglie belleMarco da Gagliano, pub.1615

18.Ciaccon in partite variataPiccinini, pub.1621

19.Beata visceraGabriele Fattorini, pub.1602

20.Capriccio PastoraleGirolamo Frescobaldi, pub.1615

21.All you that are good fellowsAnonymous, English, ca.1642

22.The old yeare now away is fledAnonymous, English, ca.1642